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The Audience

The Film Buff

Fans of independent film and its unique form of artistic expression will delight in the Festival selections. A significant portion of the marketing has been geared to attract an audience who are interested in the excitement surrounding the film arts in Wisconsin.

The Film Maker

The Festival specifically aims to reach young, first time and low-budget filmmakers. We encourage filmmakers to market themselves through the festival media to build their personal audiences. We provide personal assistance and travel coordination services to help filmmakers in inviting their friends, families, and supporters. The Locals As we are a collection of communities that thrive on tourism, the locals eagerly embrace events that are rich in the arts and good for the community.

Traditional Weekend Area Visitors

The Lakeland area will host thousands of visitors following the Labor Day weekend. Generally, these late summer visitors are coming to the area to enjoy some relaxation on the lakes, the arts, shopping, dining and various outdoor recreation activities. We hope to encourage these visitors to also take part in the festival programs and events.

There are few things in life that people enjoy the way they enjoy films and entertainment. As you consider sponsoring the Campfire Film Festival, keep in mind that our event will be genuinely FUN, and will stay in the minds of audience for days, weeks, months, and even years after the fact.

Contact us today at to arrange a meeting or discuss how your Campfire Film Festival sponsorship can benefit your organization.